Midtown Tunnel, Long Island Expressway
Westbound Views
Exit 32 is for Little Neck Parkway and Douglaston Parkway. This exit also provides access to Marathon Parkway.
Photos taken April 2013.
Exits 31N-S are for the Cross Island Parkway.
Photos taken 2008-2013.
Exit 29 is for Springfield Boulevard.
Photos taken June 2008.
Exit 28 is for Oceania Street and Francis Lewis Boulevard.
Photos taken November 2019.
Exits 27S-N are for the Clearview Expressway (I-295).
Photo taken June 2010.
Exit 25 is for Utopia Parkway and 164 Street.
Photos taken August 2012.
Exit 24 is for Kissena Boulevard.
Photos taken August 2012.
An electronic sign gives estimated travel times to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (I-278) and the Midtown Tunnel. Exit 23 is for Main Street.
Photos taken August 2012.
Exit 22B is for College Point Boulevard and the Van Wyck Expressway (I-678). Exit 22A is for the Grand Central Parkway and 108 Street.
Photos taken August 2012.
Exit 20 is for Junction Boulevard.
Photos taken July 2018.
Exit 19 is for Queens Boulevard (NY 25) and Woodhaven Boulevard. When travelling west, it is also possible to access 69 Street and Grand Avenue.
Photos taken June 2008.
Exit 18 is for Maurice Avenue.
Photos taken June 2008.
Exit 17W is for the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (I-278) westbound and 48 Street. It is necessary to use 48 Street to access the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (I-278) eastbound.
Photos taken June 2008.
Exit 16 is for Hunters Point Avenue and Greenpoint Avenue.
Photos taken 2008-2012.
Exit 15 is for Van Dam Street. It is the last exit before the Midtown Tunnel.
Photos taken June 2008.
The expressway descends toward the Midtown Tunnel. It is necessary to pay a toll before entering the tunnel. There are separate toll lanes for cash and E-ZPass.
Photos taken June 2008.
West to New York County (Manhattan)

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