Welcome to East Coast Roads! This site is dedicated to the highway and byways of the East Coast of the United States, which a focus on New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Here, you can take a virtual drive down many of the major roads of the East Coast with over 100,000 exclusive photographs. You will also find maps, exit lists, route listings, official documents, and more. This site is an ongoing project, and new content will be continually added over time.

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New additions to this web site. Last updated 7/12/2024.

New York

Roads in the Empire State.

New Jersey

Roads in the Garden State.


Roads in the Constitution State.

Rhode Island

Roads in the Ocean State.


Roads in the Bay State.


Roads in the Keystone State.


Roads in the First State.


Roads in the Old Line State.

District of Columbia

Roads in the nation's capital.


Roads in the Old Dominion.

West Virginia

Roads in the Mountain State.

Route Listings

Listings of route numbers and their corresponding names.

Document Library

A collection of documents obtained from the agencies that maintain roads in the region.


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