Major Deegan Expressway, New York Thruway, Northway
Ramp Views
The ramp for exits 7N-S of the Major Deegan Expressway splits. Bear right to north on the Cross Bronx Expressway (I-95/US 1) or left to go south.
Photo taken May 2017.
The ramp for exit 8 of the northbound Thruway splits. Bear left for the Cross Westchester Expressway (I-287). Bear right for NY 119 and the Saw Mill Parkway north.
Photo taken September 2011.
The ramp for exit 10 loops around and then ends at a traffic light at US 9W. Use the exit on the right to go north, or turn left at the light to go south.
Photos taken April 2021.
The ramp onto the Thruway from US 9W in Nyack splits. Bear right to go north or left to go south. Motorists getting onto the Tappan Zee Bridge pass under a temporary gantry for cashless tolling. The toll will ultimately be moved back to the other side of the river once the bridge reconstruction is complete.
Photos taken April 2017.
The ramp for exit 12 for the southbound Thruway splits. Use the left or center lane for NY 303. Use the center or right lane for Palisades Center Drive.
Photo taken September 2010.
The ramp for exit 15A leads to a traffic light at Orange Turnpike. Turn left for NY 17 north or right for NY 59 east.
Photos taken April 2016.
The ramp for exit 17 splits after the tollbooth. Bear right to go east on I-84 or bear left to go west. Continue straight ahead for Union Avenue (NY 300) and NY 17K.
Photos taken September 2020.
Motorists getting on the Thruway at exit 19 pass through this tollbooth. Then, the ramp splits. Bear right to go north or left to go south.
Photos taken August 2019.