New Jersey Turnpike, 12th Street, 14th Street, Holland Tunnel
Westbound Views
I-78 emerges from the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City and runs west on 14th Street. There are traffic lights at Marin Boulevard, Manila Avenue, Erie Street, and Jersey Avenue. This is one of the few places in the country where there are traffic lights on an interstate.
Photos taken January 2023.
The roadway splits. Bear left for the Pulaski Skyway (NJ 139). Bear right to stay on I-78. There is also an exit in the center for Kennedy Boulevard (CR 501).
Photos taken January 2023.
Here, I-78 is the Newark Bay Extension of the New Jersey Turnpike.
Photos taken December 2007.
The Liberty Science Center is visible on the left.
Photo taken December 2007.
There is a toll barrier. All vehicles without E-ZPass must get a ticket stating where they got onto the turnpike.
Photos taken 2007-2009.
The exits on the turnpike extension are numbered as if they were exits from the mainline of the New Jersey Turnpike (I-95). The first exit, exit 14B, is for Jersey City and Liberty State Park.
Photos taken December 2007.
Exit 14A is for NJ 440. The route number is not posted on the signs, making it easy to get lost here.
Photos taken November 2015.
The Newark Bay Bridge crosses Newark Bay to Newark.
Photos taken September 2019.
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