Trenton Freeway, Brunswick Pike, Pulaski Skyway, Tonnele Avenue, Broad Avenue
Southbound Views
Welcome to Hudson County! The cross streets here are numbered, beginning with 91st Street and decreasing to the south.
Photos taken June 2014.
There is a traffic light at Bergen Turnpike (CR 691).
Photo taken June 2014.
There is a grade-separated interchange with Paterson Plank Road (CR 681), West Side Avenue, and Union Turnpike (CR 676). Immediately thereafter, there is an entrance to NJ 3, which begins here.
Photos taken June 2014.
Skipping a few miles to the south, the roadway splits. Use the left lane for NJ 139 east to the Holland Tunnel (I-78). Use the center lane for Tonnele Avenue, which is a local street straight ahead. Use the right lane to stay on US 1/US 9. Trucks are prohibited from the mainline ahead and must use a truck route beginning here. Use the truck route for access to the Wittpenn Bridge (NJ 7).
Photos taken April 2023.
A long bridge called the Pulaski Skyway carries US 1/US 9 across the Hackensack River and the Passaic River from Jersey City to Newark. There is an exit between the two rivers for South Kearny, but it is closed due to construction.
Photos taken October 2015.
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