Grand Central Parkway
Ramp Views
The ramp for exit 7 when travelling west runs next to the parkway for a short distance near La Guardia Airport. There is an exit from the ramp for a couple of the terminals. Then, the ramp splits. Bear left to get back on the parkway. Bear right for the Central Terminal and 94 Street. For the Marine Air Terminal, get back on the parkway and continue west to exit 5.
Photos taken March 2012.
A long ramp runs from the Grand Central Parkway at exit 9E to the Whitestone Expressway (I-678) north. There are exits for Northern Boulevard (NY 25A) east and the Van Wyck Expressway (I-678) south. There is also access to exit 14 of the Whitestone Expressway, which is for Linden Place. This ramp was built to be part of the Astoria Expressway, a limited-access highway from the RFK Bridge (I-278) to the Whitestone Expressway (I-678), running along the right-of-way of Astoria Boulevard. The Astoria Expressway was never built and probably never will be built.
Photos taken June 2014.
Exits 10E-W when travelling west share a common ramp. Use the first exit from the ramp to go east on the Long Island Expressway (I-495) or the second exit to go west.
Photos taken May 2006.
The ramp for exit 21 when travelling west splits. Bear right for the Clearview Expressway (I-295) north. Bear left for Hillside Avenue (NY 25).
Photo taken April 2020.
The ramp for exit 22 has exits for the Cross Island Parkway in both directions, and then it splits. Bear right for Union Turnpike or left to get back on the parkway.
Photos taken April 2020.

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