New York Thruway, Cross Westchester Expressway
Ramp Views
These overhead signs are found on the ramp for exit 2. Turn right at the traffic light to go north on Saw Mill River Road (NY 9A) or left to go south.
Photo taken November 2021.
The ramp for exit 5 when travelling west ends at a traffic light at Hillside Avenue (NY 100). Turn right to go north or left to go south.
Photo taken June 2022.
The ramp for exit 7 merges with ramps from Westchester Avenue (CR 62) and Bloomingdale Road. After a short distance, it splits. Bear left for the Cross Westchester Expressway or right for the Central Westchester Parkway (CR 150).
Photos taken September 2021.
The ramp for exits 9S-N merges with Westchester Avenue (CR 62) at a traffic light. There are exits ahead for the Hutchinson Parkway in both directions.
Photos taken September 2019.
The ramp for exit 10 leads to a traffic light at Bowman Avenue (CR 104). Webb Avenue begins straight ahead and extends for one block to Purchase Street (NY 120) and Westchester Avenue (NY 120A), which are not signed here.
Photo taken January 2020.