Dingmans Bridge, Dingmans Turnpike
Northbound Views
The Dingmans Bridge crosses the Delaware River from New Jersey to Pennsylvania. This bridge is so narrow that the speed limit drops to 15 MPH. On the other side of the bridge, all motorists must pay a toll of $1.00. Not only is E-ZPass not accepted for this toll, they don't even have separate toll lanes for eastbound and westbound traffic. There's just one guy who stands in the middle of the road and takes a dollar from each motorist passing by.
Photos taken July 2015.
Welcome to Pennsylvania! PA 739 is a two-lane undivided road called Dingmans Turnpike.
Photos taken July 2015.
There is a traffic light at US 209. Turn right to go north or left to go south. The signage here makes it look like PA 739 begins at this intersection, although it actually begins at the state line.
Photos taken July 2015.
Skipping north to Lords Valley, there is an interchange with I-84. Take the first right to go east or the second left to go west.
Photos taken March 2015.