Clinton Road, Glen Cove Road
Southbound Views (Archived)
These old signs used to mark the interchange with the Long Island Expressway (I-495). They have been replaced.
Photos taken November 2004.
These "Passenger Cars Only" signs no longer exist. They were replaced with new "No Commercial Vehicles" signs.
Photos taken November 2004.
These "No Commercial Vehicles" signs were installed in late 2005 or early 2006. They have two separate tabs, one reading "No Commercial Vehicles" and the other giving the height limit. They were replaced by 2015 with new signs with a single tab.
Photos taken June 2006.
This overpass carried the Main Line of the Long Island Rail Road over Glen Cove Road. It has been replaced with a wider one that has space for a third track.
Photo taken February 2020.
These pictures show Glen Cove Road as it appeared while construction work was in progress to replace the railroad overpass. At the time, the old overpass had been removed, but the new one hadn't yet been installed. The road was closed at the overpass, and traffic was detoured through Westbury Avenue. Motorists who didn't use the detour were forced to turn into one of the shopping centers before the overpass.
Photos taken June 2020.
A day later, the new overpass had been installed, but the road was still closed while work continued.
Photos taken June 2020.
A few days after that, the road had been reopened to traffic, but one of the northbound lanes was closed.
Photos taken July 2020.
This traffic light was found at the intersection with Fulton Avenue (NY 24/CR 107) in Hempstead. It has been replaced with one that has larger bulbs.
Photo taken July 2006.

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