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Southbound Views
Skipping a substantial distance, Union Avenue runs south through New Haven. There are traffic lights at Meadow Street and Columbus Avenue. Union Station, New Haven's major train station, is to the left.
Photos taken February 2012.
Turn right onto Church Street South to stay on US 1.
Photos taken February 2012.
Skipping to the west, Boston Post Road runs west through West Haven to Orange as a four-lane undivided road.
Photos taken August 2008.
Bull Hill Lane (CT 162) begins on the left at this traffic light.
Photos taken August 2008.
Boston Post Road continues west through Orange. It intersects Racebrook Road (CT 114) along this stretch.
Photos taken August 2008.
Orange Center Road (CT 152) begins on the right at this traffic light.
Photo taken August 2008.
Boston Post Road runs west into Milford.
Photos taken August 2008.
In Milford, Boston Post Road widens to become a four-lane divided road. The Connecticut Post Mall is on the left here.
Photos taken October 2008.
There is a cloverleaf interchange with the Connecticut Turnpike (I-95).
Photos taken September 2009.
Boston Post Road intersects North Street (CT 121) at a traffic light.
Photos taken August 2009.
The Milford Parkway (SR 796) begins on the right. This is the only signage that references the Milford Parkway by name. The signs on I-95 and CT 15 refer only to the other highways that are accessed through it.
Photos taken August 2009.
Boston Post Road intersects High Street at a traffic light. Turn right here for access to the Connecticut Turnpike (I-95) south.
Photo taken August 2009.
Boston Post Road continues for a short distance and then merges into Bridgeport Avenue and ends. Continue straight ahead to stay on US 1. Make a sharp left turn to go east on CT 162, which begins here.
Photos taken August 2009.
South to Fairfield County

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