Delaware Expressway, Pennsylvania Turnpike
Northbound Views (Archived)
These pictures show the Delaware Expressway at exits 30-32 as it appeared before the overpass over Cottman Avenue collapsed.
Photos taken August 2022.
These pictures the Delaware Expressway northbound at the point where I-95 splits off to the right here to join the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-276). When these pictures were taken, the connection to the turnpike had not yet opened, and all motorists were forced to continue onto I-295 via what is now exit 40.
Photos taken September 2018.
These pictures show the same area a few months later once the new interchange had opened. In the time since, the temporary orange construction signs have been removed, old exit tabs have been added to the signage for exit 39, and the section of one of the signs instructing motorists to use exit 39 for the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-276) has been greened out.
Photos taken April 2019.