Northern Parkway
Westbound Views (Archived)
These signs, most of which were old button-copy signs, were found along the Northern Parkway at exits 45-29A. They have all been replaced.
Photos taken 2004-2006.
These old button-copy signs used to mark exit 29A from the westbound Northern Parkway. They have been replaced.
Photo taken August 2004.
This photograph shows the same sign assembly two years later. The left-hand sign had been replaced at that point in time, but the right-hand sign had not yet. Both signs shown in this picture were replaced in 2013.
Photo taken April 2006.
Exit 29 no longer exists on the westbound Northern Parkway. It was replaced by exit 29N for Roslyn Road (CR 7A) north only. This was done to eliminate a dangerous left turn across two lanes of traffic with no signal.
Photos taken August 2004.
These signs were installed when exit 29 became exit 29N. They were replaced in 2013.
Photos taken June 2006.
These old signs used to mark exits 28-25 from the westbound Northern Parkway. They have all been replaced.
Photos taken March 2008.

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