Cross Island Parkway
Northbound Views (Archived)
This old button-copy sign, which gave the exits for Belmont Racetrack, has been replaced with a new reflective sign.
Photo taken May 2004.
This sign, which gave the distances to the Throgs Neck Bridge (I-295) and the Whitestone Bridge (I-678), has been replaced.
Photo taken May 2004.
These old button-copy sign used to mark exits 26-28. They were all replaced in 2012.
Photos taken 2004-2010.
These old signs used to mark exits 29E-W. They have been replaced with new ones that reflect the renaming of the Triboro Bridge to become the RFK Bridge.
Photos taken May 2004.
This temporary orange sign advised motorists to avoid the Whitestone Bridge (I-678) while construction work was in progress.
Photo taken June 2008.
This old signs used to mark exit 31-36. There were all replaced by the end of 2012.
Photos taken 2006-2007.
This electronic sign indicating which bridge to the Bronx had the best traffic conditions has been replaced with a new sign giving estimated travel times to each bridge.
Photo taken July 2018.
These signs for exits 33-34 have been replaced.
Photo taken October 2019.
A year earlier, the same sign had a green "Toll Bridge" tab that was later replaced with a yellow tab.
Photo taken July 2018.
This photograph shows the signage for the Throgs Neck Bridge (I-295) when the toll was $5.00. When the toll was raised to $5.50, this sign was modified so that it longer indicates what the toll is.
Photo taken October 2008.
These pictures show exit 33 for the Throgs Neck Bridge (I-295) as they appeared when the exit temporarily had only one lane due to construction.
Photos taken January 2010.
These temporary orange signs provided detour information for 3 Avenue while the exit was closed due to construction.
Photos taken April-June 2013.