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Eastbound Views
Skipping east to Ellenville, there is a traffic light at South Main Street (US 209). Turn left to go north or right to go south.
Photos taken September 2020.
Skipping east to Ellenville, Center Street runs east as a two-lane undivided road.
Photos taken September 2020.
There is a stop sign as Canal Street (CR 52) begins on the left. Bear right to stay on NY 52.
Photo taken September 2020.
Heading out of town, NY 52 begins to climb up the Shawangunk Ridge.
Photos taken September 2018.
There is a scenic overlook on the right.
Photo taken September 2018.
NY 52 continues to wind its way up the mountain.
Photos taken 2018-2020.
NY 52 passes through Walker Valley.
Photos taken September 2020.
Heading out of town, the speed limit goes up to 55 MPH.
Photos taken September 2020.
Turn left here to go south on Burlingham Road (CR 7). Northbound CR 7 is multiplexed with NY 52 straight ahead. The signage here could use some improvement.
Photos taken September 2020.
After a short distance, the two routes split at a traffic light. Turn left for CR 7. Continue straight ahead to stay on NY 52.
Photos taken September 2020.
NY 52 continues east a two-lane undivided road.
Photos taken September 2020.
There is a bridge over the Wallkill River.
Photos taken September 2020.
East to Orange County

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