Carpenter Road, Clove Branch Road, Hillside Lake Road

Southern Terminus:
NY 52 in Hopewell Junction
Northern Terminus:
NY 376 in Wappingers Falls
4.91 miles

CR 29 is a north/south route from Hopewell Junction to Wappingers Falls. It begins as Carpenter Road at NY 52, just east of its interchange with the Taconic Parkway, and runs north for a mile before curving west toward the parkway. Carpenter Road crosses the parkway at an at-grade intersection. While it was once possible to drive across, this is now prohibited except for emergency vehicles, leaving CR 29 split into two sections such that it is not possible to drive the entire length continuously. Carpenter Road continues on the other side of the parkway, changing names at Beekman Road (CR 9) to become Clove Branch Road. Eventually, Clove Branch Road merges into Hillside Lake Road, while is designated CR 33 to the northwest. CR 29 follows Hillside Lake Road for about half a mile to NY 376, where it ends.

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