Christina Parkway, East Chestnut Hill Road, Ogletown Stanton Road, Stanton Christiana Road, Mitch Road, Main Street, Newport Pike, Market Street, Justis Street, Maryland Avenue

Western Terminus:
Elkton Road (DE 279/DE 896) in Newark
Eastern Terminus:
Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (DE 48) in Wilmington
14.08 miles
New Castle

DE 4 is an east/west route crossing Delaware near the northern end of the state. It begins at Elkton Road at the point where DE 279 ends and DE 896 turns onto it. The first section is known as Christina Parkway. DE 896 is multiplexed with DE 4 for about a mile and then splits off to the south onto South College Avenue. After a short distance, it changes names to become East Chestnut Hill Road. There is a grade-separated interchange with DE 273, at which is changes names to become Ogletown Stanton Road. After a few miles, Ogletown Stanton Road ends at Stanton Christiana Road (DE 7). The two routes are multiplexed to the north until Stanton Christiana Road ends. There, DE 7 splits off onto Limestone Road while DE 4 continues east as a pair of one-way streets. Eastbound traffic follows Mitch Road, while westbound traffic follows Main Street. After a few blocks, the eastbound and westbound lanes come together to form Newport Pike. In Newport, the lanes split to form a pair of parallel one-way streets again. This time, eastbound traffic follows Market Street and westbound traffic follows Justis Street. There is an interchange with the DE 141 expressway in this area. The lanes come together to form Newport Pike again. At Boxwood Road (DE 62), Newport Pike changes names to become Maryland Avenue. It continues east to Wilmington, where it ends at Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (DE 48).

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