Synergy Highway, Power Station Highway, Union Highway, Laurel Dale Road

Western Terminus:
Appalachian Highway (WV 32) in Davis
Eastern Terminus:
US 50 in Claysville
Tucker, Grant, Mineral

WV 93 is an east/west route from Davis to Claysville. It begins at Appalachian Highway (WV 32) in Davis and runs east as a two-lane undivided road called Synergy Highway to the current western terminus of the eastern section of Corridor H (US 48). It is then multiplexed with US 48 along Corridor H for a short distance. It splits off to become Power Station Highway in the vicinity of the Mount Storm Power Plant. After a short distance, Power Station Highway ends at Union Highway (WV 42). WV 93 is multiplexed with WV 42 along Union Highway southeast to Scherr and then splits off to the north to become Laurel Dale Road. It ends at US 50 in Claysville. The entire length is a two-lane undivided road, except for the section where it is multiplexed with US 48 along Corridor H.

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