Potomac Highlands Trail, Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike, Seneca Trail, Harrison Avenue, Junior-Philippi-Grafton Road, Crim Avenue, Morgantown Pike, South Robert Stone Way

Southern Terminus:
US 60 in White Sulphur Springs
Northern Terminus:
North Robert Stone Way (WV 7), Kingwood Street (WV 7), and Kingwood Pike (CR 27) in Reedsville
Greenbrier, Pocahontas, Randolph, Barbour, Preston

WV 92 is a north/south route extending from White Sulphur Springs to Reedsville. It begins at US 60, just north of I-64, and runs north, parallel to and a few miles to the west of the border with Virginia. In Bartow, US 250 joins WV 92. The two routes are multiplexed northwest to Huttonsville, where they join US 219/WV 55. The four routes are multiplexed north to Elkins, where WV 55 splits off to follow US 33 west. WV 92 follows US 33/US 219/US 250 north for about a mile through Elkins and then splits off to run northwest along Harrison Avenue for a short distance to Corridor H (US 33/US 250). WV 92 follows Corridor H for a few miles, and then it splits off to run north, multiplexed with US 250, to Belington, where the two routes splits. WV 92 continues north to Reedsville, where it ends at WV 7.

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