West Webster Road, Craigsville Road, Middletown Road, Main Street, Park Place, Marlinton Road, North Fork Cherry Road, Highland Scenic Highway, Seneca Trail, Allegheny Drive, North Fork Highway, Keyser Avenue, Maple Hill Avenue, Virginia Avenue, South Main Street, North Main Street, Corridor H, West Main Street, East Main Street

Western Terminus:
US 19 in Muddlety
Eastern Terminus:
Virginia-West Virginia state line
Nicholas, Greenbrier, Pocahontas, Randolph, Pendleton, Grant, Hardy

WV 55 is an east/west route crossing the northeastern area of West Virginia. It is multiplexed with other routes for almost its entire length. It begins at US 19 in Muddlety and runs west to Craigsville Road (WV 20) in Craigsville. It then follows WV 20 south to Fenwick, WV 39 east to Mill Point, US 219 north to Huttonsville, US 250 north to Elkins, US 33 east to Seneca Rocks, WV 28 north to Petersburg, and US 220 north to Moorefield. In Moorefield, it has a very short section alone that connects to Corridor H (US 48). It then joins US 48 along Corridor H. The two routes are multiplexed to the border with Virginia, where WV 55 becomes VA 55.

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