Danielson Pike, Scituate Bypass, Hartford Pike, Hartford Avenue, Warren Avenue, Highland Avenue

Western Terminus:
Connecticut-Rhode Island state line
Eastern Terminus:
Rhode Island-Massachusetts state line

US 6 is a major east/west route crossing the country from Bishop, California, to Provincetown, Massachusetts. It is one of the longest routes in the country, longer than any interstate highway. In Rhode Island, it crosses the northern area of the state. From the Connecticut border, it follows Danielson Pike, Scituate Bypass, and Hartford Pike. In Johnston, Hartford Pike becomes Hartford Avenue. There is an interchange with the Providence Beltway (I-295), and US 6 leaves Hartford Avenue to be multiplexed with I-295. Hartford Avenue continues east as US 6A. One exit to the south, US 6 splits off from I-295 to run east for a couple of miles as an expressway to the Huntington Expressway (RI 10). It is then multiplexed with RI 10 north, I-95 south, and I-195 east. It splits off just before the Massachusetts border and follows Warren Avenue and Highland Avenue into Massachusetts.

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