South County Trail, Victory Highway, Quaker Lane, Bald Hill Road, New London Avenue, Reservoir Avenue

Southern Terminus:
Post Road (US 1) in Charlestown
Northern Terminus:
Elmwood Avenue (US 1) in Providence
Washington, Kent, Providence

RI 2 is a major north/south route in Rhode Island. It begins at Post Road (US 1) in Charlestown and runs north along South County Trail, multiplexed with RI 112. After a couple of miles, RI 112 splits off onto Carolina Back Road. RI 2 continues along South County Trail, which curves to the northeast. In Exeter, South County Trail ends at Victory Highway (RI 102). The two routes are multiplexed for a short distance to the east across the Colonel Rodman Highway (RI 4). Then, RI 2 splits off to the north as Quaker Lane, running next to RI 4 for the remainder of its length and crossing it once. RI 2 continue north, following Bald Hill Road, New London Avenue, and Reservoir Avenue parallel to and west of I-95 to Providence, where it ends at Elmwood Avenue (US 1).

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