Main Street, Sumneytown Pike, Forty Foot Road, Moreland Road, Edge Hill Road, Welsh Road, Philmont Avenue, Red Lion Road, Roosevelt Boulevard, Woodhaven Road

Western Terminus:
Gravel Pike (PA 29) in Green Lane
Eastern Terminus:
Delaware Expressway (I-95) in Bensalem
33.92 miles
Montgomery, Philadelphia, Bucks

PA 63 is a diagonal east/west route through Philadelphia and its suburbs. It begins at Gravel Pike (PA 29) in Green Lane and runs southeast to Philadelphia. It enters the city on Red Lion Road, which ends after a short distance at Roosevelt Boulevard (US 1). The two routes are multiplexed for a short distance along Roosevelt Boulevard, and then PA 63 splits off to become a short expressway known as Woodhaven Road. Despite having a name that sounds like it should be a surface road, Woodhaven Road is in fact an expressway. It runs southeast across the northern part of the city to end at the Delaware Expressway (I-95) in Bensalem.

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