Hamlin Road, Hamlin Highway, Purdytown Turnpike, Bellemonte Avenue, Main Avenue, Hudson Street

Western Terminus:
PA 435 in Elmhurst Township
Eastern Terminus:
PA 434 in Greeley
43.15 miles
Lackawanna, Wayne, Pike

PA 590 is an east/west route in the northeastern area of Pennsylvania. It begins at PA 435 in Elmhurst Township, just south of I-84, and runs east to Hawley. It is multiplexed with US 6 along Bellemonte Avenue and Main Avenue through Hawley. It then follows the Lackawaxen River east to Lackawaxen, where the Lackawaxen River empties into the Delaware River at the border with New York. PA 590 curves to the south to stay in Pennsylvania, crossing the Lackawaxen River on the Zane Grey Bridge. It runs south for a few miles to Greeley, where it ends at PA 434.

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