Burlington-Bristol Bridge, Veterans Highway, Lincoln Highway, Bellevue Avenue, Pine Street, Newtown-Langhorne Road, Newtown Bypass, Durham Road

Southern Terminus:
New Jersey-Pennsylvania state line
Northern Terminus:
Easton Road (PA 611) in Pipersville
29.52 miles

PA 413 is a north/south route in the suburbs of Philadelphia. NJ 413 becomes PA 413 upon crossing the Burlington-Bristol Bridge over the Delaware River to Bristol, Pennsylvania. On the other side of the bridge, PA 413 is known as Veterans Highway. There is an interchange with the Delaware Expressway (I-95). Veterans Highway also crosses the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-95), but there is no interchange. It ends at the Lincoln Highway (Business US 1) in Langhorne. The two routes are multiplexed for about half a mile to the southwest along the Lincoln Highway through an interchange with the Delaware Expressway (I-295). Then, they split. PA 413 follows Bellevue Avenue and Pine Street through Langhorne. Heading out of town, it becomes Newtown-Langhorne Road.

Newtown-Langhorne Road ends at Newtown Bypass, a semicircular road looping around the downtown area of Newtown. It carries several different route numbers at different points: PA 332, PA 413, and PA 532. PA 413 follows it for about half its length. It then splits off onto Durham Road, which runs northeast to Pipersville. It ends there, merging into Easton Road (PA 611).

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