Bridge Street, Delmorr Avenue, River Road, South Delaware Avenue, North Delaware Avenue

Southern Terminus:
US 1 in Morrisville
Northern Terminus:
Easton Road (PA 611) in Kintnersville
40.56 miles

PA 32 is a north/south route along the Delaware River from Morrisville to Kintnersville. For most of its length, it is known as River Road. Near the southern terminus in Morrisville, River Road turns into Delmorr Avenue, and then PA 32 turns west onto Bridge Street, which merges into US 1 after about half a mile. The entire length is a two-lane undivided road.

PA 32 has two alternate truck routes that provides alternatives to bridges with weight limits. The first begins at the southern terminus and follows US 1 and Pennsylvania Avenue to Bridge Street, one block away from Delmorr Avenue. The second begins in Point Pleasant and follows Point Pleasant Pike, Durham Road (PA 413), and Easton Road (PA 611) to the northern terminus.

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