Scranton-Pocono Highway, Moosic Street, Jefferson Avenue, Mulberry Street, North Scranton Expressway, Keyser Avenue, Morgan Highway, Winola Road, Roosevelt Highway

Southern Terminus:
Drinker Turnpike (PA 435) in Covington
Northern Terminus:
Osterhout Road (PA 92) and Roosevelt Highway (PA 92) in Tunkhannock
28.25 miles
Lackawanna, Wyoming

PA 307 is a north/south route extending from Covington to Tunkhannock. It begins at Drinker Turnpike (PA 435) and runs northwest as a two-lane undivided road called Scranton-Pocono Turnpike. In Scranton, it changes names to become Moosic Street. It crosses under I-81 and runs parallel to and just south of the Central Scranton Expressway. Moosic Street ends at US 11. PA 307 is multiplexed with US 11 through Scranton along Jefferson Avenue, Mulberry Street, and the North Scranton Expressway. Just before the end of the expressway, PA 307 splits off onto Keyser Avenue and then immediately turns north onto Morgan Highway. PA 307 follows Morgan Highway, Winola Road, and Roosevelt Highway northwest to Tunkhannock, where it ends at PA 92.

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