Central Avenue, Main Street, Tioga Street, Roosevelt Highway, Wellsboro Street, Appalachian Thruway

Southern Terminus:
US 220/Future I-99 in Jersey Shore
Northern Terminus:
Cowanesque Street (PA 49) in Lawrenceville
61.31 miles
Lycoming, Tioga

PA 287 is a north/south route in Central Pennsylvania. It begins at US 220/Future I-99 in Jersey Shore and runs north through the mountains to Wellsboro, where it is multiplexed with US 6. After a short distance, the two routes split. PA 287 continues northeast to Tioga, where it crosses US 15/Future I-99. It then curves back to the north for the remainder of its length. It ends at Cowanesque Street (PA 49) in Lawrenceville, just south of the border with New York.

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