Williamsport Pike, Mason-Dixon Road

Western Terminus:
Greencastle Pike (MD 63) at the Maryland-Pennsylvania state line
Eastern Terminus:
US 11 in Waynesboro
2.38 miles

PA 163 is a short extension of Greencastle Pike (MD 63) into Pennsylvania. Upon crossing the state line, it changes names to become Williamsport Pike. This name makes reference to Williamsport, Maryland, which can be reached to the south, not Williamsport, Pennsylvania, which is many miles from here. After one block, PA 163 turns east onto Mason-Dixon Road, which runs just north of the state line. Its name derives from the Mason-Dixon Line, the famous border between the North and the South that separated the free and slave states before the Civil War. There is an interchange with I-81 at exit 1, its southernmost exit in Pennsylvania. Then, Mason-Dixon Road ends at US 11.

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