Lattintown Road, Milton Cross Road, Orchard Road, Chapel Hill Road

Southern Terminus:
Orange-Ulster county line
Northern Terminus:
US 9W in Highland
9.45 miles

CR 11 is a north/south route running parallel to US 9W through the southern portion of Ulster County. Lattintown Road exists as a local street in Orange County and becomes CR 11 upon crossing the county line. It runs north for several miles to end at Milton Turnpike (CR 10). The two routes are multiplexed for one block to the east. Then, CR 11 splits off to become Milton Cross Road, which in turn changes names to become Orchard Road. As its name suggests, there are a number of apple orchards along this stretch. Orchard Road ends at US 44/NY 55. CR 11 is multiplexed for a short distance to the east and then splits off onto Chapel Hill Road, which continues east for about a mile to end at US 9W in Highland.

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