Old Route 17

Western Terminus:
Rockland Road (NY 206/CR 91) in Roscoe
Eastern Terminus:
Old Route 17 (CR 178) in Livingston Manor
5.93 miles

Old Route 17 is the original alignment on NY 17 prior to the construction of the Quickway (NY 17/Future I-86). The portion in Sullivan County goes through several different county route designations. CR 179 begins at the point where NY 206 joins Old Route 17 and is multiplexed with NY 206 until its eastern terminus at an interchange with the Quickway (NY 17/Future I-86) in Roscoe. It continues east for several miles to end at an overpass where the Quickway (NY 17/Future I-86) crosses Old Route 17 with no interchange. There, it changes designation to become CR 178.

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