Waverly Avenue

Southern Terminus:
Waverly Avenue (CR 19) and Patchogue-Holbrook Road (CR 19) in Holtsville
Northern Terminus:
Woodside Avenue (CR 99) in Holtsville
0.48 miles

Waverly Avenue is a north/south route extending from Patchogue to Farmingville. The southern section beginning in Patchogue is designated CR 19. In Holtsville, CR 19 splits off to become Patchogue-Holbrook Road, while Waverly Avenue continues north as CR 61. This designation applies for half a mile until a partial interchange with Woodside Avenue (CR 99), at which there are only exits but no entrances. Beyond this point, Waverly Avenue is an unnumbered town road.

There were plans for CR 61 to extend north along Waverly Avenue until Furrows Road (CR 90) in Holtsville, but the portion north of Woodside Avenue (CR 99) was never taken over by the county.

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