Main Street, Ivory Street, Jamestown Street, Buffalo Street, Sand Hill Road, Pierce Avenue, South Park Avenue, Bailey Avenue, Sheridan Drive, Niagara Falls Boulevard, Walnut Avenue, Packard Road, Ferry Avenue

Southern Terminus:
Pennsylvania-New York state line
Northern Terminus:
Main Street (NY 104) in Niagara Falls
102.81 miles
Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Erie, Niagara

US 62 is a diagonal route extending from El Paso, Texas, to Niagara Falls, New York. Consistent with its even route number, it is designated an east/west route for most of its length. However, the portion in New York is signed as north/south. It enters the state from Pennsylvania southeast of Jamestown and runs north and slightly to the east to the Buffalo area. It follows South Park Avenue and Bailey Avenue through Buffalo. Just north of the city line, Bailey Avenue ends at Sheridan Drive (NY 324). The two routes are multiplexed for a few blocks to the west, and then US 62 splits off to the north onto Niagara Falls Boulevard. As its name suggests, Niagara Falls Boulevard runs north and west to Niagara Falls. There, US 62 is routed along a pair of parallel one-way streets. Northbound traffic follows Walnut Street, while southbound traffic follows Ferry Avenue. Both of the one-way streets end at Main Street (NY 104), marking the end of US 62. There is also a business route in Niagara Falls along Pine Avenue.

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