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Miscellaneous Views
These pictures show the Neversink River as observed from the bridge on US 6 in Port Jervis.
Photos taken September 2014.
These pictures show the Erie Turntable. Located in the back of a shopping center parking lot along Pike Street in Port Jervis, it is one of the few railroad turntables still in existence.
Photos taken September 2014.
These pictures were taken from the scenic area along Bear Mountain Bridge Road.
Photos taken November 2020.
These pictures were taken from a pedestrian/bicycle causeway over the Middle Branch Reservoir on the Putnam Trailway, a rail trail through Putnam County. The US 6 bridge over the reservoir is visible to the north.
Photos taken May 2019.
These pictures show the Croton River as observed from the Borden Bridge. A historical plaque describes the bridge's use during the Civil War.
Photos taken July 2015.

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