Marist Drive, Washington Street, Parker Avenue, Violet Avenue, Rhinebeck-Hudson Road, South 3rd Street, North 3rd Street, Columbia Street

Southern Terminus:
US 9 in Poughkeepsie
Northern Terminus:
US 9 in Hudson
42.77 miles
Dutchess, Columbia

NY 9G is a north/south route in the Hudson Valley. It begins at US 9 across from the entrance to Marist College in Poughkeepsie. It runs east as Marist Drive for a very short distance and then curves to the south and becomes Washington Street. After a few blocks, it turns east onto Parker Avenue, which gradually curves to the north and becomes Violet Avenue. NY 9G runs north, parallel to US 9, to Rhinebeck, where the two routes cross. NY 9G is the westernmost north/south route on the east side of the Hudson River from Rhinebeck to Hudson. It ends at US 9 in Hudson. Most of NY 9G is a two-lane undivided road.

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