Forman Drive, New Clarkstown Road, West Clarkstown Road

Southern Terminus:
Pascack Road (CR 35) in Spring Valley
Northern Terminus:
New Hempstead Road (CR 80) in New City
3.52 miles

CR 35A is a north/south route extending from Spring Valley to New City. The first section is called Forman Drive and extends for one block from Pascack Road (CR 35) to NY 59 at its interchange with the New York Thruway (I-87/I-287). CR 35A is multiplexed with NY 59 for one block and splits off to the north onto New Clarkstown Road. After about a mile and a half, New Clarkstown Road ends at West Clarkstown Road. CR 35A follows West Clarkstown Road north to New Hempstead Road (CR 80) in New City, where it ends.

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