North Main Street, Old Route 304

Southern Terminus:
New Hempstead Road (CR 80) in New City
Northern Terminus:
Haverstraw Road (CR 90) and South Mountain Road in New City
2.94 miles

CR 29 is a north/south road in New City. South Main Street changes names to become North Main Street and takes on the CR 29 designation at its intersection with New Hempstead Road (CR 80). (South Main Street carries the CR 80 designation for one block to the south between New Hempstead Road and Congers Road.) CR 29 follows North Main Street for its entire length and then turns east onto Haverstraw Road. It follows Haverstraw Road until its intersection with South Mountain Road, where CR 29 ends. Haverstraw Road changes designation at this point to become CR 90, which continues a short distance to the east until Conger Avenue (US 9W). All of CR 29 is a two-lane undivided road.

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