Hutchinson Parkway
Southbound Views (Archived)
These signs for exits 26W-E on the southbound Hutchinson Parkway were replaced with new ones that make reference to Westchester Avenue (CR 62).
Photo taken September 2006.
This sign for exit 23S has been removed.
Photo taken September 2006.
This picture show the signage for exit 20 as it appeared before it was vandalized.
Photo taken September 2006.
These old button-copy signs used to mark exit 8. They have been replaced with new reflective signs.
Photos taken September 2006.
These pictures show the Hutchinson Parkway southbound in the Bronx as it appeared before the exits were renumbered to use a milepost system.
Photos taken April 2020.
This variable message sign encouraged people to "flatten the curve" by practicing social distancing during the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic.
Photo taken April 2020.