Taft Avenue, Van Wagner Road

Southern Terminus:
Main Street (CR 114) in Poughkeepsie
Northern Terminus:
Railroad underpass in Arlington
1.14 miles

CR 38 is a short north/south route in Poughkeepsie and Arlington. It begins just west of the point where Dutchess Turnpike (US 44) and Freedom Plains Road (NY 55) merge together to form a pair of parallel one-way streets. It begins between the northbound and southbound lanes of US 44/NY 55, at the end of the ramp from Dutchess Turnpike (US 44) to Main Street (CR 114). It runs north for a little over a mile, known at first as Taft Avenue and then as Van Wagner Road. CR 38 ends at a one-lane railroad underpass. Van Wagner Road continues north as a local street.

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