Hillside Lake Road, Arthursburg Road

Western Terminus:
Noxon Road (CR 21) in Poughkeepsie
Eastern Terminus:
Hillside Lake Road (CR 29) and Clove Branch Road (CR 29) in Wappingers Falls
3.00 miles

CR 33 is a diagonal route consisting of the portions of Hillside Lake Road and Arthursburg Road not included in CR 29 and CR 42. It begins at the point where CR 29 turns from Hillside Lake Road onto Clove Branch Road and follows Hillside Lake Road until it ends at Arthursburg Road at the northern terminus of CR 42. It turns onto Arthursburg Road and follows it for a short distance to Noxon Road (CR 21), where it ends. The entire length is a two-lane undivided road.

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