Noxon Road, East Noxon Road, Bruzgul Road, Wingdale Mountain Road, Pleasant Ridge Road

Western Terminus:
Freedom Plains Road (NY 55) in Poughkeepsie
Eastern Terminus:
NY 55 in Wingdale
18.52 miles

CR 21 is one of the longest county routes in Dutchess County, serving as a local alternative to NY 55 between Poughkeepsie and Wingdale. It begins as Noxon Road at Freedom Plains Road (NY 55) and runs east, about a mile south of NY 55. It crosses the Taconic Parkway, but there is no entrance to the parkway. Shortly thereafter, it crosses NY 82 and changes names to become East Noxon Road. About a mile later, it meets NY 55 again and changes names to become Bruzgul Road for a couple of miles until a traffic circle at Clove Valley Road (CR 9) and Clove Road (CR 9). There, it changes names yet again to become Wingdale Mountain Road. As the name implies, Wingdale Mountain Road ascends Wingdale Mountain. Coming down the other side into Wingdale, CR 21 is known as Pleasant Ridge Road. It ends at NY 55, just east of where it splits off from NY 22.

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