Clements Bridge Road, Evesham Road, Evesham Avenue, Marlton Parkway, Taunton Lake Road, Tomlinson Mill Road

Western Terminus:
Cooper Street (CR 534) in Deptford
Eastern Terminus:
Taunton Boulevard (Burlington CR 623) in Medford
14.94 miles
Gloucester, Camden, Burlington

CR 544 is an east/west route in the suburbs of Philadelphia. The first section is known as Clements Bridge Road. It begins at Cooper Street (CR 534) and runs east, crossing the Cape May Expressway (NJ 55) and the North-South Freeway (NJ 42) just south of the point where they merge together. There is an interchange with the latter but not the former. Immediately thereafter, NJ 41 joins CR 544 along Clements Bridge Road. There is a bridge over Big Timber Creek. Then, CR 544 splits off onto Evesham Road while NJ 41 continues northeast along Clements Bridge Road. CR 544 continues east to Medford, changing names several times along the way.

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