Broad Street, Principio Furnace Road

Western Terminus:
Ferry Point Veterans Hospital in Perryville
Eastern Terminus:
Pulaski Highway (US 40) in Perryville
3.56 miles

MD 7 is the designation for the old east/west roads that have been bypassed by Pulaski Highway (US 40). It is divided into several sections that are separated by portions of US 40 and assigned letter designations in state documents, although they are all signed simply as MD 7. Section B begins at the entrance to Ferry Point Veterans Hospital along the Susquehanna River in Perryville where there was once a ferry across the river to Havre de Grace prior to the construction of the Hatem Bridge on Pulaski Highway (US 40). It is at first known as Broad Street. After about a mile, Broad Street curves to the north to become Coudon Boulevard. MD 7 turns east onto Principio Furnace Road, which it follows to Pulaski Highway (US 40).

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