Philadelphia Road, Old Philadelphia Road

Western Terminus:
Pulaski Highway (US 40) in Rosedale
Eastern Terminus:
South Philadelphia Boulevard (US 40) and Old Philadelphia Road (MD 159) in Aberdeen
22.83 miles
Baltimore, Harford

MD 7 is the designation for the old east/west routes that have been bypassed by Pulaski Highway (US 40). It is divided into several sections that are separated by portions of US 40 and assigned letter designations in state documents, although they are all signed simply as MD 7. The main section, which is not assigned a letter designation, is an east/west route in Baltimore and Harford counties. It is known as Philadelphia Road for most of its length, although the northernmost section is known as Old Philadelphia. It begins at Pulaski Highway (US 40) just north of the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway (I-95). It extends to Aberdeen, where Old Philadelphia Road changes designation from MD 7 to MD 159 upon crossing South Philadelphia Boulevard (US 40).

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