Aiken Avenue, Perryville Road, Perrylawn Drive, Bainbridge Road, South Main Street, North Main Street, Susquehanna River Road

Southern Terminus:
Broad Street (MD 7) in Perryville
Northern Terminus:
Conowingo Road (US 1) in Conowingo
11.36 miles

MD 222 in a north/south route along the east side of the Susquehanna River between Perryville and Conowingo. It begins as Aiken Avenue at Broad Street (MD 7) in Perryville. After less than a mile, it crosses Pulaski Highway (US 40) and changes names to become Perryville Road. It continues north to an interchange with the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway (I-95), where it changes names again to become Perrylawn Drive. Just past the interchange, it turns west onto Bainbridge Road and follows it down to the Susquehanna River in Port Deposit. There, it curves to the north to follow the river, changing names to become South Main Street, then North Main Street, then Susquehanna River Road heading out of town. It continues north along the river to Conowingo, where it ends at Conowingo Road (US 1).

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