Fulford Avenue, Churchville Road, Aberdeen Thruway

Western Terminus:
Baltimore Pike (Business US 1) and Main Street (MD 924/Business US 1) in Bel Air
Eastern Terminus:
Aberdeen Proving Ground
12.91 miles

MD 22 is an east/west route from Bel Air to Aberdeen. It begins at the intersection where Business US 1 turns from Baltimore Pike onto Main Street (MD 924). Baltimore Pike changes names to become Fulford Avenue. For the first few blocks, MD 22 follows a one-way pair with eastbound traffic following Fulford Avenue and westbound traffic following Churchville Road. The two sides come together to form a four-lane divided Churchville Road, which narrows down to become a two-lane undivided road after crossing Fountain Green Road (MD 543). It runs east to Churchville and then curves to the southeast. There is an interchange with the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway (I-95) at which Churchville Road widens to become a four-lane divided road again and changes names to become the Aberdeen Thruway. There is a grade-separated interchange with Pulaski Highway (US 40). Shortly thereafter, MD 22 ends at Aberdeen Proving Ground, a military facility where weapons are tested.

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