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Southern Terminus:
Connecticut-Massachusetts state line
Northern Terminus:
Massachusetts-Vermont state line
66.59 miles

MA 8 is a north/south route through the Berkshires, continuing CT 8 into Massachusetts. It enters the state in Sandisfield and runs north through Otis before reaching Jacobs Ladder Road (US 20) in Becket. The two routes are multiplexed to the east for a few miles, crossing the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90) with no interchange. It continues north to Dalton, where it is multiplexed with MA 9 along Main Street and Dalton Avenue to Pittsfield, where it turns north again. It eventually reaches North Adams, where it follows Mohawk Trail (MA 2) for a short distance to the east and splits off to continue north to the state line, where it becomes VT 8.

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