Bayside Drive, Main Street, Denny Street, Smyrna Leipsic Road, Hay Point Landing Road, Fleming Landing Road, Taylors Bridge Road, Thomas Landing Road, Thomas Corner Road, Silver Run Road, Bayview Road, St. Augustine Road, Market Street, Delaware City Port Penn Road, 5th Street, Wrangle Hill Road, River Road, Seventh Street, Washington Street, Chestnut Street, Sixth Street, Wilmington Road, New Castle Avenue, South Heald Street, Fourth Street

Southern Terminus:
DE 1 in Dover
Northern Terminus:
Union Street (DE 2) in Wilmington
58.18 miles
Kent, New Castle

DE 9 is the easternmost major north/south route in the northern half of Delaware. It begins at exit 91 of DE 1 in Dover and runs north to Port Penn. From there, it crosses the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal via the Reedy Point Bridge to Delaware City. It continues north through New Castle to Wilmington, where it joins US 13. The two routes are multiplexed along South Heald Street and Fourth Street across the Christina River. On the other side, US 13 splits off. DE 9 continues northwest through Wilmington along Fourth Street until Union Street (DE 2), where DE 9 ends.

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