Newport Gap Pike, Lancaster Pike

Southern Terminus:
Kirkwood Highway (DE 2) and Newport Gap Pike (DE 62) in Wilmington
Northern Terminus:
Gap Newport Pike (PA 41) at the Delaware-Pennsylvania state line
7.03 miles
New Castle

DE 41 is an extension of PA 41 south into Delaware. The first section, Newport Gap Pike, begins at Kirkwood Highway (DE 2) and runs north for a few miles. It ends and merges into Lancaster Pike, which is designated DE 48 south of this point. Lancaster Pike continues north to the border with Pennsylvania, where it becomes Gap Newport Pike (PA 41).

In state documents, DE 41 is shown as being multiplexed along Kirkwood Highway (DE 2) for a short distance to have its southern terminus at the interchange with Basin Road (DE 141). However, it is signed as ending at the intersection of Kirkwood Highway (DE 2) and Newport Gap Pike (DE 41).

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