Nottingham Road, West Main Street, East Main Street, Ogletown Road, Christiana Road

Western Terminus:
Telegraph Road (MD 273) at the Maryland-Delaware state line
Eastern Terminus:
Washington Street (DE 9) and Basin Road (DE 141) in New Castle
12.67 miles
New Castle

DE 273 is an extension of MD 273 into Delaware. It changes names from Telegraph Road to Nottingham Road at the state line and runs east to Newark, where it is known as West Main Street and East Main Street. Heading out of town, it widens to become a four-lane divided highway called Ogletown Road. It curves to the southeast, crossing the Delaware Turnpike (I-95) in Christiana. It then curves back to the east and crosses the DE 1 toll highway. It continues east to New Castle, where it narrows down to two lanes and ends at Washington Street (DE 9) and Basin Road (DE 141).

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