Waterbury Road, South Main Street, Grand Street, Meadow Street, West Main Street, Thomaston Avenue

Southern Terminus:
CT 8 in Naugatuck
Northern Terminus:
Spruce Brook Road (CT 262) and Waterbury Road (CT 262) in Waterbury
7.46 miles
New Haven

SR 847 is an unsigned north/south route through Waterbury. It begins at the CT 8 expressway in Naugatuck, just south of the city line. The section in Naugatuck is known as Waterbury Road, but it changes names to become South Main Street upon entering Waterbury. After crossing the Yankee Expressway (I-84), it turns west onto Grand Street. After about a little less than half a mile, Grand Street ends at Meadow Street. SR 847 turns north onto Meadow Street, west onto West Main Street, and then north again onto Thomaston Avenue. It follows Thomaston Avenue north along the Naugatuck River to end at the intersection where CT 262 turns from Waterbury Road onto Spruce Brook Road.

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